About STS

We use a proprietary system that combines technical, fundamental and human emotion indicators

to predict down trends and cycles for any Stock or ETF listed on NYSE and NASDAQ.

Members Get


  • Three (3) or more "Short" plays per week
  • Entry, target and stop prices for each forecast
  • Accurate target range to increase profit from each trade
  • Over 1 to 5 point gains and continuous returns of 10% or more
  • Unlimited stock analysis and customized stock picks for free!
$hort Alert: This company reported negative earnings and the trend is down with weak support level. Join today to short this stock now! Testimonial: "The short forecast is easy to follow and makes me money consistently, thanks." -Jon, NY

Why short stocks?

  • Stocks typically move faster to the downside than upside
  • Short positions provide higher returns in a shorter period than long positions
  • There are always shorting opportunities, especially with the advent of negatively correlated ETF's



4/10/14 Sell CLVS (100 shares) +10.70 pts (4 days)
3/20/14 Sell AEGR (100 shares) +10 pts (22 days)
2/27/14 Sell FNV (100 shares) +6 pts (30 days)
2/19/14  Sell MWE (100 shares)  +8.80 pts (12 days)
1/21/14 Sell NAV (100 shares) +8 pts (13 days)